The Division 2’s latest patch improves weapon and skill mods

Massive Entertainment will release The Division 2’s anticipated first patch this Friday, April 5. The patch brings the game’s fifth world tier — the final endgame difficulty level — and the fourth stronghold. In its April 3 State of the Game stream, Massive announced that it will also make two requested changes with this patch: The studio is reworking skill and weapon mods.

Skill mods will have their skill power scaling reworked. All mods will now have an attainable level of skill power. According to the team at Massive, players were having a hard time meeting the skill power requirement.

Skill power is going down across the board, and Massive warned players that they may see a reduction in their own skill power when they log in on Friday. It seems skill mods will still have the same kinds of perks on them. But players should have an easier time hitting the threshold to make them useful.

Weapon mods are getting an even larger overhaul. In The Division 2, mods had both positive and negative attributes. For example, a magazine in the current version of the game might increase the amount of bullets you can carry, but at the cost of your critical hit chance. Thanks to feedback from the community, Massive will retool the system on Friday.

Every weapon slot will have at least one weapon mod without any negative effects. Massive will balance negatives based on how useful the mod is. For example, a magazine mod may give you fewer bullets than before, but without negatives. A different magazine may give you even more bullets, but come with a small penalty to headshot damage.

The rest of the patch will also balance various weapons and skills. However, Massive was clear that this is not a patch focused on balance. Instead, it’s waiting on players to experience the full endgame of World Tier 5 before it makes any serious adjustments.

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