The Division 2’s new Gunner specialization is available now

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2’s latest update is here. Title Update 4 is the fourth major update since Massive Entertainment launched the game earlier this year and the first to add a new specialization, The Division 2’s endgame-only classes.

The new Gunner specialization turns players into a walking tank with a big gun. The signature weapon is a minigun, and players gain increased armor when it’s drawn. The new specialization also comes with a trait called Banshee, which confuses enemy targets in cover. The Gunner’s special grenade is Riot Foam, which stuns enemies caught in the explosion.

To unlock the Gunner, players need to log in and complete the Special Field Research challenges, or buy The Division 2’s Year 1 Pass. Players who already own the Year 1 Pass will automatically unlock the new Specialization when they log in. For those players, the Special Field Research challenges will instead unlock exclusive cosmetic rewards.

Title Update 4 comes ahead of the game’s first mini-expansion, Episode 1, coming later this summer.

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