Two Point Campus coming to console and PC in May

Two Point Hospital follow-up Two Point Campus, which gives the simulation series a collegiate spin, will be released on May 17, Two Point Studios and Sega announced Thursday.

Two Point Campus is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. The game will be available on Xbox Game Pass on its release date for Xbox platforms and PC.

Two Point Studios gave Polygon an early look at nearly seven minutes of gameplay, showcasing a number of different new features: expanded building tools, staff and student management, and unique courses for students to enroll in.

Two Point Campus will look familiar to anyone who has played Two Point Hospital, but studio director Mark Webley and design director Ben Huskins told Polygon there are key differences. One of the biggest is regarding progression. In Two Point Hospital, patients come into the hospital for treatment and then leave or die. But in Two Point Campus, students spend considerably more time at the school — meaning that there’s room for players to “get to know” its characters and follow specific tracks.

“You kind of find yourself following two or three characters,” Webley said. It’s a different experience building for the group or favoring one or two students, and the impact that has on the game — creating specific courses or certain school environments — is interesting to watch unfold. The sort of campus that thrives will depend on the sort of student population that’s there.

“Students want different things from your campus,” Huskins said. “You’ve got a little bit more creative freedom in this game. You can decide which courses you want to run. Different courses will attract different types of students.” For instance, if you build your campus around the “Musicality” course, students may be more creative and want more activities — like music gigs — at the Student Union.

Another key feature, something that’s been expanded on since Two Point Hospital, is the flexibility of Two Point Campus’ creative tools. Players can simply plop down rooms and build courses from there, but Two Point Campus has tools for players that want to decorate their school, a la The Sims 4. This extends to everything from street layouts and building size, to desk placement and decoration.

Everything runs on a schedule throughout the school session, with students and staff following pre-made timetables. However, there is a built-in summer break in Two Point Campus, which allows players to redo campus decorations and layout to better serve the student body. Or maybe, make it worse. That’s your call.

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