Untitled Goose Game may waddle onto PlayStation, Xbox soon

Untitled Goose Game, the it-game indie hit on Nintendo Switch that has garnered mainstream attention since launching last month, may waddle onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the future.

Speaking to Australia’s ABC News, the developers at House House chuckled over the unexpected success of their jerky-goose simulator. House House is a Melbourne-based studio.

“People aren’t writing about this as a piece of media,” said Nico Disseldorp, “they’re writing about it as if it’s a cultural fad.” Not wrong!

“We’re trying to capture a non-gamer audience,” Disseldorp added. Untitled Goose Game is at the top of sales charts as dedicated players and curious casuals alike are finding humor in causing havoc as a flighted waterfowl.

As for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions, Disseldorp didn’t elaborate beyond an offhand, paraphrased remark. But assuming it’s possible — and Microsoft and Sony should be interested in having this bird aboard — House House will move on to another game, the studio’s third, after the ports are finished.

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