Amazon’s Redirect From The PS5 Console Page To The DualSense Controller Is Bad For Everyone

At the time of this writing – on this, the day of the official PlayStation 5 release – you need to be especially careful with the products that you’re intending to buy and the products that are actually ending up in your shopping cart.

Right now, a search on Amazon for “PS5 console” will return expected results, with the PlayStation 5 Console showing up as the first result, and even showing the banner label for Amazon’s “Kids Gift Guide”. Unfortunately, upon clicking the link to head to the product page, you’re redirected to the DualSense Wireless Controller-only product page instead.

Perhaps Amazon hopes to curb frustrations of shoppers seeing a status of “Unavailable” while offering up other suggestions for purchases that they’ll likely be making eventually anyways. Maybe it’s simply a mistake and the team is already working on fixing the link. My guess? It’s none of the above since, at the end of the day, it’s likely just a strategy to make money regardless of the repercussions.

I get it. The almighty dollar reigns supreme in a retail economy driven by the next hot-ticket item. But let’s consider, for a second, why this is such a terrible strategy for everyone.

Consumers will be hurt most of all by the redirect, especially parents who aren’t clued in on the product that they are buying. It’s not an unreasonable scenario to imagine. A parent – already frantically scouring the web to snag a PS5 for their kid to open on Christmas Day – may see the image of the controller and assume that it is simply what’s included with the PS5 console (you can’t play without a controller, right?), adding it to their cart, and purchasing in a flash to be sure to get to the confirmation page. Hopefully, the low price would clue them in as to what they’re buying, but the excitement of thinking you have a PS5 in your cart may take over in that situation. This will result in Amazon’s (admittedly stellar) customer service being bogged down by returns and frustrated customers.

Would such a scenario be enough to prevent those same customers from shopping at Amazon again? Doubtful. And ultimately, it’s up to shoppers to have a crystal clear understanding of what they’re buying, so they are certainly not entirely free of blame. It’s just yet another lapse in the astoundingly terrible retail release of Sony’s next-gen console.

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