bHaptics Launches Pre-Orders for TactSuit X Series Haptic Vests

Need to make your virtual reality (VR) gameplay experience even more immersive, then you’ll want to accessorize? Maybe an omni-directional treadmill for example or how about more haptic feedback? If it’s the latter then bHaptics’ TactSuit has been one of the more consumer-friendly ways to add body feedback. It’s almost time to make way for not one but two new models, with pre-orders for the TactSuit X Series going live today.

The original TactSuit is now going to make way for two variants, the entry-level TactSuit X16 priced at $299 USD and the TackSuit X40 at $499. Both designed to fit a wide variety of body types, from 25-50 inch chests, the biggest difference between the two is the haptic feedback. bHaptics is still using the ERM motors from the original model with the X16 featuring 16 of them (8 front/8 rear) while the X40 has 40 of them, supplying a more tactile response.

The new haptic vests also include further improvements over the original such as an audio port alongside Bluetooth connectivity and new straps at the side and on the shoulders for a better fit. Battery life has also been enhanced, up from 15 hours to 18 on the X40 and 22 hours for the X16. The TactSuit X40 weighs in at 1.7kg (3.7lbs) whilst the X16 is a little lighter at 0.95kg (1.2lbs).

The addition of the audio port helps to expand the TactSuit’s versatility as it enables more Audio-to-Haptics functionality. Via a wired connection this supports stereo (2ch) haptic feedback so even if a VR videogame isn’t natively supported (or simply for listening to music) you can add a basic haptic response.

Customers can then play around with the feedback through the bHaptics Player app which offers in-depth customisation options across the audio frequency range. They can edit preset themes or create entirely new ones to their liking. For those after plug and play functionality bHaptics’ software natively supports a bunch of titles such as Onward, Thrill of the Fight and Space Junkies with Phasmophobia, Pavlov and Ilysia coming soon. Plus, via mods, there’s Half-Life: Alyx, Arizona Sunshine, The Walking Dead: Saint & Sinners and more.

bHaptics’ pre-orders for the TactSuit X40 & X16 are now live, running through until 9th December 2020. Pre-ordering will get customers a few additional extras – a mesh lining, audio cable and Y-jack. The orders will then begin shipping from 10th December. For further updates on the TactSuit, keep reading VRFocus.
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