Bob Marley’s Redemption ANC 2 Wireless earbuds are eco-friendly with great sound

Eco-conscious music lovers will want to opt for these excellent but also sustainable earbuds.

Maker House of Marley, which involves the family of much-loved song legend Bob Marley, has mixed high-quality materials and innovative design to create a top product that’s easy on mother earth.

They wanted to tap into the reggae singer’s legacy of love for music and the planet.

So the first thing that dazzles when you pop these bad boys out of the case is the bamboo effect side panels.

They give them a real subtle but striking look as you fit the lengthy legs of the device into the ear.

And this is no run-of-the-mill plastic gadget.

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They’ve cleverly combined greener elements like forest-managed wood, upcycled fabrics and recycled silicone and aluminium to create an effortlessly beautiful, comfort-driven earbud without planet-killing properties. Even the box it comes in is 100% recyclable.

That said, for the best part of £150 you’ll still want some awesome music blasting in your ears.

And the Redemption ANC 2’s thankfully deliver in this department.

There’s a strong noise cancelling option that sucks out all the background on a busy commute or at a noisy gym so that you get a purity of sound.

Equally you can choose to let the outside world bleed in, say, so as not to get run-over by that thankfully noisy passing car on a walkabout.

And it's all done with a series of touches to the bud itself, so you can alter your settings and change tracks on the go without having to get out and fiddle with the bluetooth connected iPhone.

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The built-in signature sound is wholesome, with deep basses and a clear hi-end best for dance music.

But thanks to the EQ tweaking and presets in the free Marley app, you can also give it a better guttural mid-level kick in other genres like guitar-based rock.

You can even change the touch controls to suit you so that you don’t accidentally pick up that unwanted call on the six-microphones in the buds.

The battery lasts well and there’s charging within the case to give you greater range, around 24 hours of continuous play.

But it also boasts a quick charge feature for two hours of listening from just a 15-minute battery boost. That’s great when you’re strapped for time.

ANC 2 also supports wireless charging, so you’re free to place the streamlined case on any charging pad to top off your battery.

Finally, designed to keep up with active lifestyles, these earbuds are IPX5 water and sweat-resistant. So no amount of gym aggression should affect your tunes.

Overall, a cracking pair of earbuds that are not only sustainable for the planet, but look great and sound even better.

They’re pricey, but you get what you pay for, and these are top level.


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