Cyberpunk 2077 Slang – Don’t Be A Gonk And Brush Up On Your Street Slang

What’s up, choom? I’m here to get you ready for the mean streets of Night City with a list of Cyberpunk 2077 slang so you know exactly what everyone is talking about. Don’t be a gonk and read along.

Cyberpunk Slang

  • Afterlife: A bar that was once a morgue – now home to the mercenaries of Night City.
  • Air hypo: A hypodermic needle of the future, probably filled with adrenaline. Used to shake injured people awake.
  • Amped-out: The comedown after taking lots of stimulants.
  • Blackwall: A company called NetWatch blocked off the old web – which was overrun by rogue AI – with a kind of security blanket. That firewall became known as the Blackwall and now separates the new web from the old.
  • Bourgie: From the word “bourgeois”, meaning the middle classes.
  • Borg: “Adam Smasher is a borg,” is something you might say. It refers to someone who is more machine than human.
  • Braindance: A VR recreation of someone’s memories that you can relive, complete with full sensory recall. Braindances are mainly used for porn in the world of Cyberpunk, but they’re predominantly a detective mechanic in Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Chippin’ In: The name of a single from Johnny Silverhand’s group, Samurai. It can also mean connecting with a group of people or hooking up to a machine.
  • Choomba: Like “chum”. A friend. A choom.
  • Corpo: Someone who works for the corporations.
  • Credchip: A card with bank data or currency on it.
  • Culture vulture: A journalist, also referred to as a “media”.
  • Cyberware: The augmentations and implants a person has.
  • Cyberdeck: The RAM and other augments that allow people to hack anything connected to the web.
  • Doll: A kind of sex worker who turns off their consciousness to fulfill the client’s fantasies.
  • ‘Dorph: Endorphins – stimulants used to get the edge in battle or increase brain function for hacking.
  • Eddies: The currency of night city – eurodollars. Also called “eds” and “scratch”.
  • Edgerunner: A mercenary outlaw who lives on the fringes – the edge – of society.
  • Fixer: Someone with connections and who may have jobs for mercenaries.
  • Flatline: Kill.
  • Gato: Someone who is cool. “Dex DeShawn was gato right up to the point he tried to flatline me.”
  • Gonk: A moron, an idiot. “That NPC walking into the wall is a gonk.”
  • Input: The taker in a romantic relationship. The opposite of an output.
  • Joytoy: A sex worker.
  • Kibble: Mass-produced, processed food.
  • NCPD: Cops – Night City Police Department.
  • Netrunner: Someone who interfaces with the web and interacts with it inside a virtual plane.
  • Output: The giver in a romantic relationship. The opposite of an input.
  • Ripperdoc: The street doctors of Night City, who fit people with illegal augmentations and military hardware.
  • Rockerboy/rockergirl: Politically-charged musicians – the punk in Cyberpunk.
  • Screamsheets: Personalised newspapers for the digital age.
  • Samurai: Can either refer to Johnny Silverhand’s band, Samurai, or a type of corpo enforcer.
  • Scratch: Eddies. Money.
  • Solo: A lone mercenary who specialises in combat.Stim: Drugs and boosters. Like ‘dorphs.
  • Terminal: A physical interface.

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