Dead and Buried II Will Offer Cross-Platform Play Between Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S

The original Dead and Buried, developed by Oculus Studios in collaboration with Gunfire Games was to showcase the Oculus Touch controllers, offered to players as a multiplayer freebie. With Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest soon to arrive, its no surprise that Oculus Studios would announce a new version of the shooter, Dead and Buried II.

Still keeping with the wild west theme, the new multiplayer shooter will feature competitive modes where players can fight each other in locations such as an old saloon and a train depot. While for those that like to team up with friends, there’s a co-op mode where up to four players can battle waves for nasty creatures. Or if that all sounds a bit hectic and you just want to brush up on your gun skills there’s always the target range for some high-scoring fun.

Anyone who’s played the original will be at home with Dead and Buried II. The scenery still plays an important part in keep players alive, so long as they remember to duck and lean to take cover, rather than standing there for all to see and shoot at. And there’s going to be plenty of shooting, with classic western six-shooters, shotguns, rifles and even a little dynamite for the right situation.

Once again, built specifically for Oculus Touch whether that’s with Oculus Quest or Oculus Rift S, Dead and Buried II supports cross-platform gameplay between both devices. With a release date of ‘Spring 2019’ Dead and Buried II is going to be a launch title for both headsets by the looks of it.

Oculus certainly stole the show at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019 yesterday with the reveal of the Oculus Rift S. A tethered, PC-based design which will retail for $399 USD, the device will include Oculus Insight, Oculus inside-out tracking technology, improved resolution and optics, improved comfort and more.

Oculus also has Dead and Buried Arena in the works, a location-based entertainment (LBE) version for arcades. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Oculus, reporting back with the latest updates.

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