First Official Fallout TV Series Image Might Hint At The Show's Setting

Amazon Studios and Kilter Films have released a teaser image for its in-development Fallout TV series based on the game franchise of the same name and it might hint at its setting. 

Bethesda Game Studios announced back in 2020 that it was teaming up with Amazon Studios and Kilter Films to develop a Fallout TV series. Early details revealed that Westworld creators and producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy signed onto the project and are partnering with Fallout 4 director and long-time Bethesda producer Todd Howard to bring the show to life.

Since then, not much else has been released except a 2021 report that details the show as a “gonzo, crazy, funny adventure” and some leaked set photos that reveal some pretty accurate set designs and costumes. However, today, in celebration of Fallout’s 25th Anniversary this year, Amazon has released our first official look at the series: 

Congratulations and Happy 25th Birthday! We made something special for the occasion. #Fallout #Fallout25 @BethesdaStudios @Bethesda @Fallout @Kilter_Films

Fallout New Vegas

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