Gioteck SC3 pro controller is a well-made Xbox style gamepad for the Switch

I don’t often think of the Nintendo Switch as a pro gamer’s console.

That tends to be reserved for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

But why?

Some of the best games of recent years are Switch exclusives.

Look at Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda: Breath of the Wild, let alone Mario Kart 8 and Xenoblade Chronicles.

All would be in most player’s top ten games lists.

So while many seem welded to playing Switch games as casual titles with the built-in Joy Con controllers, there are others who should consider a more traditional set-up aimed at boosting their pro gaming.

And that’s where Gioteck’s SC3 comes in.

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This is a wireless Xbox-style controller that syncs effortlessly to your Nintendo and comes in at around £15 less than the Mario firm’s own pro controller effort.

It combines nifty engineering and sleek looks at an incredible price point of around £40.

Looking swish, it has a plasticky feel with a more rubber textured grip to the back of the unit to avoid slipping mid-game.

There’s full motion control built-in, so you’ll be able to bowl and play tennis on your sports games as if in real life, just like with the Joy Cons.

But then there’s the added bonus of a familiar ‘proper’ gaming set-up for more serious players, with conveniently place L, R, ZL and ZR triggers atop the device ideal for first-person shooters.

Through the middle and down the sides runs an attractive RBG lighting strip to give your controller a fancy colourful glow.

And the thumb sticks are magnetically snapped in, with a pair of taller ones in the box you can swap to if it complements your play style on particular titles.

There are even two programmable back buttons, S1 and S2, right where you middle fingers rest to give you an advantage in online combat, for example allowing you greater ease at reloading a weapon.

Underneath, there’s a 3.5mm headphone port and additional mute and volume buttons, allowing for instant headset connection.

And it’s all charged up with a USB-C connector.

It plays well, looks the part and offers options to complete your personal play style.

The SC3 goes a long way in helping to unlock your supposedly casual Switch console, giving it a new life as a pro-gaming machine.


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