John Wick Hex Review: It’s a Kea-no from us

Baba Yaga, the human death tornado that has, over the course of an in-universe week and three separate movies wiped out an entire generation of mercenaries and hitmen in a chain of events started because Alfie Allen killed his puppy.

He is an unnatural disaster.

When he finally dies, they'll build a monument in the middle of New York commemorating everyone he's killed.

He's also, if John Wick Hex is anything to go by, deeply uncool, often taking a few minutes hiding outside of his targets to build up the requisite attention he needs to

The Verdict – 2/5

– Reviewed on PC

John Wick Hex is full of great ideas, but it has flaws which prevent it from being properly enjoyable.

The Good

• Great aesthetic
• When it works it's a joy
• It's John Wick!

The Bad

• Poor variety
• Weird animations
• Clumsy combat

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