Pixar Releases First Trailer For New Fantasy Movie Onward

Pixar has dropped the first trailer and introduction to their newest movie, Onward, a tale about a fantasy kingdom that modernized and became more suburban over time. The movie puts Tom Holland, of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man fame, and Chris Pratt, of, uh, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Starlord fame, in the role of troll brothers.

You can check out the trailer below.

The movie seems to kind of do to fantasy creatures what The Flintstones did to dinosaurs and cavemen: largely just place them in a contemporary and often dull context and derive humor from the absurdity of it. So instead of raccoons rummaging through the trash, it’s actually unicorns. But this is a teaser trailer, and the establishing one at that, so I imagine there will be more to the movie of Barley Lightfoot, played by Pratt, and his younger brother Ian, played by Holland, as more is shown.

The Pixar pedigree is hard to doubt and some of my favorite movies of all time have come from the studio.

Onward is still quite a while away, but you’ll be able to get into a theater to see it on March 6 next year.

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