Pokémon Sword & Shield: Marnie Is The Best New Character

Marnie is the best character to come out of Sword and Shield and one of the greatest rivals to date. She is a two-toned character, just like her hangry Morpeko and has attracted loyal followings both in-game and real life.

Marnie’s personality is complex. A driven pokémon trainer with an analytical approach who remains tough-skinned in defeat yet reveals a sensitive side, proving to be a supportive ally and reliable companion. Marnie truly is one of a kind.

Marnie’s outfit and features reflect her personality in full. The crown shaved into her head subtly hints at her lofty goals and one-of-a-kind nature. The contrast of Marnie’s studded leather jacket and boots paired with a lacy pink dress shows off the punk-rocker’s dual mentality. Her color scheme is striking overall, pairing black leather with pink lace and a unique hair style set in jet black contrasts Marnie’s piercing blue eyes. The entire ensemble makes Marnie a captivating character right from the start.

Marnie is a wholly lovable character with a well-balanced personality. Striving to prove herself through honest hard work, Marnie’s an admirable rival and boon friend, making her the best new character yet.

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