Rec Room, Apex Construct, I Expect You to Die and More Confirmed for Oculus Quest

Today has seen a flurry of news regarding Oculus Quest, the soon to be released standalone headset from Facebook, with the company detailing several new titles that be available at launch. Well, that looks to have opened the flood gates on Twitter, with several studios revealing their videogames will also be available on release day.

Fast Travel Games was the first studio VRFocus spotted on Twitter, stating that its sci-fi bow shooter Apex Construct would be coming to Oculus Quest. Set in a surreal, almost alien world, where players find themselves trapped in a war between two AI’s, VRFocus’ five-star review of the title said: “Apex Construct is the standard by which future VR titles will be judged, and an indicator that VR has stepped up its game.”

Next to appear was Rec Room from Against Gravity. One of the most well known social experiences in VR, Rec Room offers players all manner of social games to play, whether that’s sports or just shooting each other in the face. Completely free, players can customise their characters, their own rooms or just hang out if they like.

For those who like their puzzles then Schell Games has confirmed I Expect You to Die as another Oculus Quest experience. Mixing escape room mechanics with a secret agent storyline, I Expect You to Die was an early VR hit for the studio, which expanded the experience with the ‘First Class’ update. Schell Games is also in the process of developing a magic-infused sword fighting adventure called Until You Fall.

Also bringing a social aspect to Oculus Quest is VRChat. Offering an alternative social experience to Rec Room, VRChat still allows users to interact, create custom avatars, play games, have meetings or just chill in a virtual world.

The compatible titles are now really starting to mount up, getting closer to that magic 50 number Oculus previously mentioned during Oculus Connect 5 last year. As further titles are revealed, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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