The Digimon Movie Had A Ska Soundtrack That Still Absolutely Slaps

The Digimon Movie was an enigma when it first released in February 2001. The anime had already become a hit on Fox Kids with Western audiences, so it was only a matter of time until a movie adaptation hit the silver screen with all the expected bombast. Except this film was a little different. Instead of merely dubbing a singular film like Pokemon had done in the past, Digimon instead opted to combine a number of different movies from Japan while seeking to morph them into a single, cohesive storyline. It didn’t really work…

Three short films are used – Digimon Adventure: Our War Game, Digimon Adventure 2: Digimon Hurricane Landing, and Transcendent Evolution: The Golden Digimentals. The dubbing introduced a number of massive changes in tone, writing, dialogue, structure, and was a bit of a mess – yet the film still has a nostalgic place in my heart because it was so wonderfully absurd. It doesn’t make sense, but you didn’t care as a kid and put aside the rapidly changing animation styles and character introductions just so you could have a good time. Anime isn’t treated like this anymore, and that truth is oddly bittersweet.

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