The Drift gaming bed is comfy and well made, with an eye-popping gimmick

You’ve got the console, you’ve got the gaming skills – but have you got the bed?

It’s an odd question but one perhaps you should now consider.

Because high street chain Dreams has launched it’s first-ever mass produced dedicated bed for video gamers.

And it’s a corker – not only catering for a decent night’s sleep but all your game playing enjoyment too.

Called The Drift this fancy sleeper starts at a rather hefty £1,799 price tag. It’ll rise above £2,000 with bigger sizings and better in-built tech.

But we’ve been amongst the first people to try it out and when you see this monster in action it is incredibly impressive.

It comes in either black leather or a fabric grey and has a telly and speaker system in the foot end.

Like a phoenix, at the press of a button your new 32inch LG TV rises out of the thick base in a ‘wow’ moment any gamer will adore.

Underneath the bed, alongside a large amount of clothing or bedding storage, sits a dedicated shelf for you console of choice.

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Just pop in that Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch and the clever design will ensure a HDMI cable is already there, ready to plug and play.

Either side of the high, curvy on-trend head rest sits a microphone jack that feeds into the bed’s in-built speaker system and with them are USB-C charging points too for powering up things like controllers and earphones.

There’s even a pull-out handle to hook your gaming headset to.

Professional gamers love a bit of LED lighting and that’s here too. You can choose between blue and green on the black bed or you have white lighting on the grey.

With a press of the bed’s remote control you can light up the walls behind and the floors below, giving your new unit a stylish glow around edges and making it stand out in the room.

Dreams came up with the idea after noticing a surge in home gaming in the pandemic.

They reckon more than 50% of the population now embrace gaming as a form of fun, entertainment or distraction.

So there’s plenty of potential customers out there who want not only a traditional gaming set up in a fancy chair and desk but also somewhere to retire in the later hours, popping on their earphones, turning on the console, all while laying down and bedding in for the night.

The bed itself is comfy. Dreams encourages you to go into the nearest store and try out a bit of computer tech to discover your optimum mattress.

I laid there while an Xbox Kinect motion detector spent a few minutes scanning my laying posture while Stacey from Gavin and Stacey did a voice over, urging me to stay still.

The tech concluded a medium mattress would be just right and then the chap running the scanner showed me to three options in-store for that all important good sleep.

The bed itself starts as Small Double size, going all the way up to King.

All styles hold a built-in TV with a lifting mechanism at the foot end, which easily and seamlessly hides away when it’s time to sleep.

The standard telly is HD but for a couple hundred quid more you’re looking at a top-of-the-range 43in 4K experience.

The TV sits at just the right distance for your eyes at 32in, I suspect the bigger size may be a bit too much for me, and the sound system was simply awesome.

Flicking up the bass on the control mean those Call of Duty gunshots boomed and PS5’s God of War felt epic, blasted back at me.

Movies too work really well, as you can ditch the gaming for a bit a snuggle up for an action flick before lights out.

All in, this is one impressive merger of bed comfort and technology.

You’ll need a fair few arcade coins to buy one, but it’s a very well made, very well thought-out gaming bed for the hardcore players out there.

The only problem is you won’t want to ever get out of the ruddy thing!


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