This Week In New World: Update Troubles, Server Mergers, And Bots

New World's devs are aware of mounting complaints that fans have been making against the MMO. After severe backlash – which also led to the review score falling – the team has put out a number of updates to improve player experience. And did they work? Well, quite the contrary.

New World Update Is Full Of Nerfs, Fans Aren't Happy

New World's 1.1.1 update was launched to iron out the issues that arose from the previous November update, While it fixed things like the number of motes dropped from Elemental enemies, the missing Horticulture gear that was removed, and crafting XP imbalances, it also brought its own set of issues.

Reddit threads and forums immediately started filling up with complaints about how reducing the number of motes from the Elementals was a terrible idea. Players are getting tired of the fact that all the updates seem to be nerfs. Some even feel that the developers are “actively tanking the game on purpose”.

New World Players Are Furious As Watermark Update Makes Crafting "Worthless"

Update 1.1.1’s reception is nothing compared to December's 1.2 patch which made fanslivid. The update made it so that your Watermark Score would take precedence over Gear Score. "This means if your War Hammer Expertise is 520, and you equip a 550 Gear Score War Hammer, the weapon's effective Gear Score will be reduced to 520," wrote Amazon.

Unfortunately, this change essentially made the hours of grind players put in to boost their crafting skill redundant. Up until now, players were working on their crafting skill so they could just craft level 600 gear and avoid hours of grinding. This update will not only prevent that, but make all their effort in ‘vein’.

Amazon Accused Of Using Bots To Post Positive Comments About New World On Reddit

The updates that were supposed to make New World better only ended up making it worse in the eyes of players. Every forum and discussion thread is filled with criticism about the game and what the developers have been doing about it. However, there seem to be some comments that players have found a bit fishy.

"Gotta admit, the game feels good different in the PTR", reads one reply in a subreddit. "The games feels good different in the PTR. The event stuff is nice too", says another. "Gotta admit the game feels good different in the PTR. The event stuff is nice too". There's blatant repetition there, leading some players to believe that Amazon is using bots to spread positive word of mouth about New World.

New World Server Mergers Have Begun

And finally, an update fans have been asking for since the beginning. Amazon is beginning the process of merging servers on December 8, starting with Mardi and Brittia of the EU Central server cluster.

Mergers occur when a particular server is found to be running at suboptimal level with regard to population and engagement. It’s then paired with a healthy server, keeping in mind factors like action, gameplay style, time zones, and language. While player progress and resources will not be affected, the devs said that the most noticeable difference will be that territories will still belong to the companies on the server absorbing the merge.

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