What Xbox Game Pass’s Cryptic Mandalorian Tweet Might Mean

The Xbox Game Pass Twitter account shared an image of The Mandalorian and The Child over the weekend but neglected to explain why.

Xbox releases the Series X and Series S tomorrow, marking the official start of the next generation of console. Although the Xbox side of things will lack exclusives at launch, the expansion and value of its Game Pass will more than makeup for that. On top of everything Game Pass subscribers already get via the service, tomorrow EA Play will also become a part of that deal.

Xbox also teased that something else big might be coming via a tweet from the Game Pass Twitter account over the weekend. It tweeted a shot of The Mandalorian alongside The Child accompanied by the caption, “all we’re gonna say is that we’re not posting The Mandalorian and The Child for no reason.” The trouble is, it is still yet to give a reason of any kind.

There are a couple of reasons why Xbox would have teased something like this for Game Pass. The most obvious reason is Jedi Fallen Order coming to the service. Since the Star Wars game is getting added to EA Play, that means it will also be playable on Game Pass starting from November 10, 2020. However, neither The Mandalorian nor The Child are a part of that game, just a part of the same universe.

Another theory is that Game Pass is about to become a better deal than it is already. That a Disney+ subscription will soon be bundled along with everything else it has to offer. Or a few months free for new subscribers at the very least. A Disney+ subscription might only be $6.99 a month, but if it’s included as a part of Game Pass for free, that will make the package even sweeter.

The very outside bet on what Xbox might be teasing is a Mandalorian game. It’s incredibly unlikely that the first tease for such a huge project would be left to Game Pass’s Twitter account. It’s more likely that a Mandalorian skin, complete with a Child feature of some sort, will be coming to a game available on Game Pass. Our money is still on some sort of Disney+ deal, though. Speaking of which, Fortnite will soon be offering up a Disney+ deal of its own according to recently discovered code.

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