New Project xCloud Controller Is Up For Pre-Order At Amazon

8BitDo has created a controller specifically for Microsoft’s xCloud streaming service. The SN30 Pro for Xbox takes the excellent design of the original SN30 Pro and adds a clip for your smartphone along with an appropriate Xbox controller look. The SN30 Pro for Xbox is available to pre-order at Amazon for $45 ahead of its September 21 release date. Alternatively, you can pre-order the smartphone clip separately for $15 and use a regular Xbox One controller with xCloud.

SN30 Pro for Xbox | $45

The SN30 Pro for Xbox is compatible with all Android devices, smartphones and tablets. However, the clip only expands to 86mm, which means you can’t attach the controller to a large tablet (big smartphones are fine, though). The SN30 Pro Bluetooth gamepad matches the black Xbox One wireless controller and is complete with the Xbox logo power button, menu and view buttons, and A/B/X/Y face buttons. Despite being compact, it still has dual triggers on each side, a pair of aligned joysticks, and a D-pad, which means it will work with all Xbox games played via xCloud.

Additionally, 8BitDo’s included software lets you re-map every button as well as adjust trigger and joystick sensitivity. You can create custom profiles that can be cycled through on the fly with the press of a button. The SN30 Pro for Xbox is charged via USB-C and can run for 18 hours on a full charge.

8BitDo Mobile Gaming Clip for Xbox controllers | $15

8BitDo is also selling the controller clip separately for $15, which is the same price as PowerA’s clip that’s sold directly through the Microsoft Store. Since you can use the Xbox One wireless controller with xCloud, 8BitDo’s controller isn’t necessary. But if you want a compact controller that’s easier to take with you on the go, it appears that the SN30 Pro for Xbox is your best bet right now. 8BitDo also happens to make some of the best third-party controllers, and the standard SN30 Pro is one of our favorites. It’s currently sold out, but could come back in stock soon.

Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service is currently in an invite-only preview stage (you can register here), but it’s expected to release to the general public later this year.

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