The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories To Buy For 2020

The Nintendo Switch has quickly established itself as an incredibly versatile console. The hybrid nature of the console, which lets you play both portable and through an HDTV, accommodates a ton of fun situations. You can have house parties where you hook up the Switch to a big-screen TV and play a multiplayer game like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Super Mario Party. You can undock it and grind in a single-player game like Fire Emblem: Three Houses while you watch a TV show. You can even take the party outside and play the console in tabletop mode using the wireless Joy-Con controllers. All of these are incredibly fun and valid ways to play the Switch, and with the right Switch accessories, you can make the experience even better.

Its versatility is a huge plus, but the console does have its downsides, such as low battery life, an uncomfortable grip, and a large screen that’s vulnerable to cracks. That’s where Switch accessories come in to make playing the system safer and more comfortable. We’ve rounded up some of the best Nintendo Switch accessories to add to your collection in 2020. Whether you’ve got a launch-edition console, recently picked up the newer model with improved battery life, or plan to buy the smaller, handheld-only Switch Lite and play Switch games on the go, these Switch accessories will definitely make your life easier.

If you’re looking to buy a Switch for the first time, be sure to reference our Switch availability guide. The Switch has been sold out for months, but occasionally a retailer will have it in stock, and the Switch Lite is still fairly easy to find.

In a hurry? Check out an overview of our favorite accessories below; plus, see our roundup of this month’s best Nintendo Switch deals on games, consoles, and accessories in case anything is on sale. If you’re on the hunt for a new game, see our list of the best Nintendo Switch games released so far.

Quick look: Best Nintendo Switch accessories in 2020

  • RDS Industries Deluxe Travel Case
  • Orzly Portable Travel Case
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
  • PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller
  • 8Bitdo SN30 Pro Plus Controller
  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons
  • Satisfye Nintendo Switch Grip
  • HyperX ChargePlay Clutch
  • Orzly Nintendo Switch Lite Grip
  • Flip Grip
  • SanDisk 128GB MicroSD Memory Card
  • Orzly Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • Hori Protective Screen Filter for Switch Lite
  • SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset
  • Hori Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch
  • Hori Dual USB Playstand for Switch Lite
  • PowerA Joy-Con Charging Dock
  • YCCTEAM Travel AC Adapter
  • RAVPower 20000mAh PD Portable Charger
  • PDP Light-Up Switch Dock Shield
  • Nintendo Switch Online Membership

Note: The prices shown below indicate a product’s standard list price and may not reflect any current discounts or other fluctuations.

RDS Industries Deluxe Travel Case

Having a protective case to store your Nintendo Switch in when you travel is crucial; in fact, it’s probably the first purchase you want to make after you buy the console itself. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of cases out there to house your Switch or Switch Lite, and many of them add room to transport a few games, cords, and more. I bought this travel case from RDS Industries soon after the Switch launched in 2017, and after countless cross-country and international trips, I still have no complaints about traveling with it in 2020. The hard-shell exterior is durable, and the interior screen protection pouch prevents any scratches. It also comes with cases for storing game cards and microSD cards, and the zippered pouch can carry earbuds and other small accessories. There’s also some extra cable and battery space in there, too.

Orzly Portable Travel Case

Need a protective case for your Switch Lite? Accessory maker Orzly recently released carrying cases for the Switch Lite that come in 12 different colors, including matching shades for the yellow, gray, and turquoise handhelds. The case includes a microfiber cover to protect your Switch Lite screen from anything that might smash it, eight game card slots, and a zippered pocket for whatever GB MicroSD card you might have for storage.

See our full guide to the best Nintendo Switch carrying cases for a wider range of options for both the Switch and Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch comes with a pair of Joy-Cons and a grip that each Joy-Con can slide into to mimic a more traditional controller–but if you’re a new Switch owner, do yourself a favor and get yourself a better Switch controller. A huge improvement over the Wii U Pro controller, the Switch Pro Controller is one of the best Switch controllers on the market today. If you’re new to the Nintendo Switch, the Switch Pro Controller is an obvious and worthwhile upgrade from the Joy-Con grip that comes with the console, with better analog sticks and larger buttons. It will run you $70 unless you find it on sale. While there are plenty of alternative Switch controllers and adapters out there, the Pro Controller’s great buttons and fantastic battery will likely suit your needs if you’re simply looking for a more comfortable, traditional gaming experience. It comes with its own cable, too.

PowerA Enhanced Wireless Switch Controller

PowerA’s enhanced wireless controllers are one of our favorite alternatives to the Switch Pro Controller, which is why we’re always excited when new designs launch. These officially licensed controllers provide a much more affordable option–new designs launch at $50 and will often get discounted on Amazon, where we’ve seen pricing as low as $35. The enhanced wireless Switch controllers have an ergonomic design similar to the Pro Controller, and while there’s no rumble or NFC reader, the controllers have motion controls and allow for custom button mapping. The biggest drawback is that they’re powered by two AA batteries, although the batteries provide up to 30 hours of gameplay. With that in mind, this controller might be better suited as a backup for multiplayer purposes, but if you’re looking for a controller with cool Nintendo-themed designs and solid buttons that won’t break the bank. You can’t go wrong with PowerA’s enhanced wireless gamepads.

8bitdo SN30 Pro Plus Controller

With a design inspired by the SNES, the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro Plus controller is another one of our favorite Pro Controller alternatives. If you’re looking for a Switch controller with deep customization options, this is it. The SN30 Pro Plus allows for extensive button mapping, adjustment of analog sticks and trigger inputs, and macro customization of up to 18 inputs without the need for an extra device. The downside is all this customization must be done on a computer, but thankfully, the process is simple. A major plus: This gamepad comes with a removable, rechargeable battery and also allows for disposable batteries. Like PowerA’s enhanced wireless controllers, the SN30 Pro Plus is a cheaper alternative to the Pro Controller with more classic buttons–the device is listed for $50 on Amazon.

These are just a few of the more traditional-feeling Switch controllers out there–check out our complete guide to the best Nintendo Switch controllers worth investing in.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

The Nintendo Switch only comes with two Joy-Cons, of course, but if you plan to enjoy multiplayer games like Super Mario Party or Rocket League, having another pair of Joy-Cons will come in handy. And if you’re tired of the Neon Blue and Neon Red colors, a wide range of additional colors are available, with two new color combos–Purple/Neon Orange and Blue/Neon Yellow–recently added to the lineup.

Satisfye Grip Case

The Switch’s handheld mode remains a popular choice for many Switch owners thanks to its ease of use. But if your hands have ever longed for a proper controller grip after extended time in the handheld mode, you might want to try an ergonomic grip. This Satisfye grip case remains my personal favorite, as it fits the shape of my hands perfectly and doesn’t make my Switch feel any heavier; in fact, the more ergonomic design makes the console easier to hold for long periods of time.

HyperX ChargePlay Clutch

The HyperX ChargePlay Clutch is another one of the best Nintendo Switch grip cases we’ve tested, working double duty as both an ergonomic grip and a portable charger for your Nintendo Switch. Its external battery offers about two hours of extra playtime, and it also includes an excellent, heavy-duty kickstand that’s great for tabletop mode. It won’t completely recharge your Switch while playing, but it’ll give you more playtime while using the Switch in handheld mode. Because of this, the HyperX ChargePlay Clutch is a little pricier than other grips, but if you find yourself playing in handheld mode quite a bit, it’s worth considering. Please note this grip adds a fair bit of weight, so if you’re looking for something that won’t noticeably make the Switch feel heavier, the Satisfye grip may be a better option for you.

Orzly Switch Lite Grip Case

Orzly is the first major accessories brand to launch a Switch Lite-specific grip case, and it comes in turquoise, black, pink, grey, and yellow colors. The grip case comes with a built-in adjustable stand, which is quite nice, and it’s made with shock-absorbent material for an added layer of protection. This attachment even has a space in the back to store an extra game card while you’re on the go.

Flip Grip

The Flip Grip is another quality Switch grip, but it was designed with a very different purpose from the grips shown above. The Flip Grip was made for vertical-mode gaming on the Switch, and it’s compatible with the Switch’s numerous arcade ports, many of which were designed to be played with the screen at a 90-degree angle. Normally, that would require you to remove the Joy-Cons and prop your Switch up somehow, but the Flip Grip allows you to connect your Joy-Cons to either side of the rotated screen and keep playing. You can check out GameSpot’s Flip Grip review and see the full list of compatible games at Retronauts. The Flip Grip is available for $12 exclusively at Fangamer.

See more details about the very best Nintendo Switch grip cases we’ve tried–they will completely transform your handheld experience.

SanDish 128GB microSD card

The Nintendo Switch only has 32GB of internal storage, and you’ll almost certainly exceed that limit eventually, even if you exclusively buy physical games over downloads. An easy solution is a microSD card, which inserts into your Switch and provides additional storage space for games. You can get an officially licensed 64GB, 124GB, and 256GB card from SanDisk officially licensed by Nintendo, with transfer rates up to 100MB/s.

Orzly Tempered Glass Screen Protector

One of the Switch’s perks is its nice, large screen, and there’s no better way to prevent your $300 console from getting scratched than to pick up a screen protector. The best thing you can say about a screen protector is that you only notice it when you need it, and that’s true of the kind of tempered glass screen protector Orzly makes, which will take the damage (instead of your Switch) in the case of an accident. Thankfully, Orzly’s tempered glass screen protectors come in pairs. Make sure to use a cleaning cloth to wipe your screen before applying them!

Hori Switch Lite Protective Filter

If you need a screen protector with Switch Lite dimensions, Hori is now offering screen protectors made to fit the Switch Lite screen, available for cheap.

Plus, see more of the best Nintendo Switch screen protectors we recommend, including options for both the Switch and Switch Lite.

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Headset

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t allow for wireless headphones to connect to the system via Bluetooth, so you’ll need a third-party wireless dongle. If you’re looking for a solid, all-in-one wireless headset that’s compatible with the Switch, go for the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless, which comes with a 2.4 GHz dongle that plugs directly into the Switch’s USB-C port. In docked mode, the dongle can be plugged in using a USB adapter, which is also included.

Hori Compact Playstand

For extended tabletop play, you’ll appreciate having a stand to prop up your Switch while simultaneously charging it. Coming from Hori, this adjustable stand can hold your Switch at three different angles: 30, 50, and 60 degrees. Its bottom hooks are also rubberized to help hold your console steady during active play. The best part is that it folds up flat, which makes it perfect for taking on the go.

Hori Dual USB Playstand

If you have a Switch Lite instead of a regular one, a good playstand becomes even more important. Hori has also released a dual USB playstand that can connect two USB controllers for multiplayer while charging the console at the same time. While made specifically for the Switch Lite, this compact stand is also compatible with the original Switch.

PowerA Joy-Con Charging Dock

If you own multiple sets of Joy-Cons, this charging station is a no-brainer purchase. For only $15, you can keep up to four Joy-Cons charged, so there’s always one ready to go.

YCCTeam AC Adapter

When your Switch dock is already plugged into your TV, it’s a hassle to unplug the AC adapter and take it with you when you travel. Skip the usual USB-C to USB-A adapter and battery pack hassle by having an extra, smaller AC adapter and cable to take on the go is much more convenient than having to unplug it from your Switch dock all the time.

RAVPower Portable Charger

Playing your Switch for hours at a time will eventually drain your battery, and if you don’t have access to a power outlet, this portable battery will come in clutch. The RAVPower 20000mAh portable charger will actually charge your console as you play in handheld mode. Affordable at just $40, this powerful charger is also compatible with most laptops, phones, and tablets, so you’re sure to get plenty of use out of it. It also has an LED indicator that shows its current power level so you know how much battery you have left while on the go. We also like the RAVPower 26800mAh portable charger–it’s slightly more expensive but will charge your Switch for longer.

PDP Switch Dock Shield

The other Switch accessories on this list may be practical, but these light-up Switch dock shields are just pretty. With multiple Nintendo-themed designs and 17 different colors and light effects, these dock shields will add a gorgeous, colorful glow to your Switch setup. The product comes with a base, which your dock will sit on, and two acrylic panels will slide into either side so the front and back of your dock are covered. These dock shields are an affordable way to liven up your Switch gaming setup.

Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo isn’t known for having as robust an online infrastructure as Microsoft or Sony, but the publisher is getting there. As more of Nintendo’s titles have online components, the company has started charging to play multiplayer games like Super Smash. Bros. Ultimate, Splatoon 2, and more online with others. Yes, it’s not as fully featured as Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, but it’s only $20 a year for an individual membership–or $35 for a family membership, which can be split by up to eight Nintendo accounts. Switch Online also gets you access to a great library of NES and SNES classic games for free, making this membership an enticing option for Switch owners who love retro games or playing online.

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