'Blood & Truth' to Launch on PSVR in May, Pre-orders Now Available – Road to VR

As a part of Sony’s inaugural ‘State of Play’ webseries, the company today announced that the upcoming action shooter for PSVR Blood & Truth finally has a release date.

The game is headed exclusively to PSVR May 28th, 2019.

Pre-orders are available today through the PlayStation Store. The webpage still isn’t updated yet, although once it is we’ll update this article to reflect whatever new information is bound to arrive.

We last saw Blood & Truth at E3 last year, remarking that it:

“gives players much more agency than ‘The London Heist’. Players now have a means of node-based movement, which is more immersive than being stuck in the same spot but still managed to be comfortable. In addition to a strong shooting component, Blood & Truth mixes things up with a variety of interactive moments like picking locks, arming explosives, and climbing ladders.

Blood & Truth has grown out of ‘The London Heist’—one of the best received mini experiences included in PlayStation VR Worlds outside Astro Bot Rescue Mission (2018). It aims to build upon the many lessons learned and flesh things out into a fully developed game which Sony is saying will bring players five to six hours of immersive gameplay.

Blood & Truth was developed by Sony’s Worldwide Studios.

(Update: 5:55 PM ET): In a previous version of this article it was reported that Blood & Truth would be available this week, when in reality it will be due on May 28th. Chalking that up to a heavy week at GDC and resultant jet lag.

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