Following PS Aim Support, Borderlands 2 VR Update Will Add All DLC

Borderlands 2 VR, the PSVR exclusive port of the lauded loot shooter, was recently updated with improvements including support for the PS Aim accessory. Now developer Gearbox Software says the game’s entire DLC library will be added for free this summer.

At launch, Borderlands 2 VR didn’t manage to shake that ‘port-y’ feeling for a host of reasons, but a ‘2.0’ update delivered earlier this month moves the needle a little bit further toward the expectations of a ‘made-for-VR’ game.

Most importantly, the Borderlands 2 VR 2.0 update adds support for the PS Aim gun controller which had been widely requested since even before the game launched. Gearbox says they’ve added a range of options for the PS Aim controls to accommodate both right and left handed users, and allow players some customization options including gun-relative or head-relative movement. The game has supported Move controllers and the gamepad since launch.

The patch also improves the performance on weapon scopes which were previously displayed with a very low framerate in a relatively small window. Gearbox says the window size and the performance of the scope view have booth been improved. For players who don’t like the window approach at all, the scope window can be turned off entirely (so that players can still get the benefits of using the ‘aim’ button without looking through the scope window).

On the immersion front, the update also provides an option for disabling floating crosshairs, allowing players to rely instead on iron sights and visual feedback for aiming.

With the 2.0 update bringing a host of widely requested improvements, the next update shifts attention to widely requested content.

At launch, Borderlands 2 VR lacked access to the game’s trove of DLC content. Even if players wanted to pay for it, they couldn’t.

That’s about to change. Gearbox announced today plans to bring “all” of game’s DLC to Borderlands 2 VR in an update this summer, for free. Pretty awesome news for fans of the game.

Beyond that the studio has said they’re working on bringing more community suggestions to the game, including “improvements to the HUD and height offset along with fixes to an unreachable chest, teleport, performance and more.”

Alongside a lack of DLC (which is now being addressed in a major way), another frequent critique of Borderlands 2 VR is its lack of co-op, especially considering that the franchise is deeply built around co-op gameplay. Gearbox hasn’t confirmed co-op for the VR version of the game, but that won’t stop players from hoping!

And if you were wondering if the newly announced Borderlands 3 will support PSVR or other VR headsets, Gearbox hasn’t confirmed or denied anything just yet.

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