Oculus Sold $5M in Quest Content in Two Weeks After Launch – Road to VR

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You may have noticed Oculus Quest is sold out practically everywhere, and while it’s not certain whether the company’s standalone 6DOF headset is selling famously, or is simply the result of artificially limited quantities to generate hype à la Nintendo, one thing is clear: Oculus has sold $5 million worth of Quest content in the first two weeks since its May 21st launch.

As reported by Tech Crunch, VP of AR/VR Andrew Bosworth spoke at Vox Media’s Code conference this week where he dropped the number.

The company hasn’t detailed any hardware sales data for Quest, however supposing (large grain of salt here) that every user who had a Quest in hand during the first two weeks at least plonked down for Beat Saber (2018), which retails on the platform for $30, sales numbers for that period could tally around 166,000 headsets. There’s of course no way of knowing how much users spent on average during that time, although it’s food for thought.

However you slice it, getting your hands on Quest is still a game of shopping around to find the fastest ship date. At the time of this writing, Oculus directly sells both flavors of Quest with delayed shipping; a week-long wait for the $500 128GB version and two weeks for the $400 64GB version. Comparatively, a Rift S can be purchased directly from Oculus with little more than a one-day wait.

While we’d be interested to know just how many Quests are in the wild now, it’s not likely Facebook will announce the number until they’re ready to toot their own horn.

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