The Best HP Reverb G2 Black Friday 2021 Sale – Road to VR

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    We’re keeping an eye on the best HP Reverb G2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021 deals, don’t blink or you might miss the best Reverb G2 sale of the year!

    The Best Reverb G2 Black Friday 2021 Sales

    Image courtesy HP

    The best HP Reverb G2 Black Friday 2021 deal so far is $450 from Microsoft (25% discount). This is the cheapest we’ve seen the headset sold to date.

    Out of Stock? Check here:
    • Walmart (25% discount)
    • HP (16.5% discount)
    • Reverb G2 Price Baseline

      It’s important to keep in mind the base price of the headset so you can make an informed decision when purchasing. Without an special discount, Reverb G2 normally costs $600.

      Reverb G2 Content Compatibility

      HP Reverb G2 works natively with the Windows Mixed Reality store, but very few VR applications are available there. Fortunately a free and official plugin from Microsoft also makes it compatible with SteamVR content. If you’re looking to play content that’s exclusive to the Oculus PC library (like Asgard’s Wrath) you can use the free but unofficial Revive mod to play Oculus PC content on Reverb G2. You can’t play Oculus Quest games on Reverb G2 or any PC VR headset.

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