VR Horror 'HINGE' Gets New Gameplay Trailer Ahead of November Launch

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Arcadia, a Moscow-based VR arcade, is releasing the first episode of its new psychological horror series later this month on SteamVR headsets.

Called HINGE, the VR-native horror game takes place in a nightmarish building filled with ghoulish creatures and constantly changing rooms.

A few months ago we saw the games impressive-looking announce trailer, however now the studio has released a new gameplay trailer that delves a bit deeper into the game’s mechanics, object interaction, and that awful feeling of constantly having the world change around as soon as you look away.

Arcadia says in the game’s Steam description that HINGE is set in an American metropolis of the early 20th century right after the Spanish flu epidemic. The game’s skyscraper is undoubtedly stylish, with its timeless Art Deco design, however it’s creator was an eccentric millionaire who was obsessed with the occult. So, basically a pretty normal rent-controlled apartment.

The studio says the game takes place right after the building’s inauguration, which just so happened to follow a mystical encounter which “transfers the building with all its inhabitants into a nightmarish reality, where the laws of physics, chemistry, and space are broken and time is collapsed.”

Presented as the first episode in a series, the game puts you in the shoes of five different characters who have to unravel the mystery of what happened, survive and try to get out of what has become a deadly trap.

HINGE: Episode 1 is set to launch on Steam (Index, Vive, Rift, Windows VR) and the Oculus Store for Rift on November 27th.

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