Xbox One Dashboard And UI Updates Teased With Insider Program

Xbox One is getting another dashboard refresh, and an Xbox Insiders update gives a preview of what’s likely to be coming to all users. For the time being these features are only for Alpha users of the Insider program, so it’s unclear exactly when most of the changes will roll out to the wider audience.

The most noticeable interface change comes to the main Home screen, which replaces the Twists with dedicated rows for Game Pass, Mixer, Xbox Community, and the Microsoft Store. Microsoft says you’ll be able to customize the layout by adding or removing rows. This part of the update will be entering full public release in February. The My Games & Apps UI will also be getting more content grouping settings for easier navigating, along with labels for trials and demos, and a cleaner settings menu.

Other new additions include image support in your messaging conversations. You’ve been able to send that hilarious animated gif in the mobile or desktop app, but now it will display properly on console. Notifications will let you set a portion of your screen to appear, and Xbox Game Pass will let you select an individual game to download from within a bundle. If you have external storage, a new “move” option will appear in your storage management for an easier time freeing up space.

Microsoft also announced that Mixer is getting a few big changes in upcoming updates. You’ll be able to switch your chat mode to “classic chat,” which displays the chat messages in their own window alongside the stream. You can also manually select video resolution, and viewing info and VODs from your favorite streamers will be a smoother experience.

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